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We offer either all services from one hand that are related to the assembly or disassembly of an amusement attraction or we supply with you a selection of services tailor made to your requirements.

  • Organisation and project management
  • Compliance with all local laws and regulations with particular regard to health & safety issues and participation in all required on-site project meetings
  • Transportation between parks or from the manufacturer to the park
  • Relocation of an attraction from one park to the other
  • Unloading of the attraction components, professional storage, and transportation within the park
  • Check of the delivered components for completeness and transportation damages 
  • Assembly of the steel structure
  • Support for all necessary survey of the construction
  • Alignment of the steel construction
  • If required, on-site modification of the steel work
  • All required welding (and hot cutting) work by certified welders
  • Assembly of the mechanics
  • Putting the vehicles/trains onto the track and if necessary, pull-through of a test train
  • Assembly of the electrics *
  • Assembly of the hydraulics & pneumatics *
  • Assembly of the lighting*
  • Assistance for the TUV and for the manufacturer’s supervisor during the testing & commissioning
  • Filling up of the steel structure with sand (sound suppression)

* under supervision and in cooperation with a local certified company and / or the park

  • On-site change of wrongly manufactured steelwork, incl. certified welding
  • Maintenance works (e.g. re-torqueing of all bolted connections)
  • All necessary, professional touch-up paint work
  • All necessary grouting
  • Documentation of the assembly
  • Relocation of rides: disassembly, transportation, paint works, assembly at new site

RCS will fix it!

Tailor made

Depending on your requirements and budget, we provide workers and equipment according to your demands:

Beginning with a small team up to our own transportable workshop with complete machinery including full crew.