Kontaktieren Sie Ride Construction Service Worldwide


We provide transportable workshop, storage, office, and kitchen containers that can be used all around the world.

Our team of up to 50 technicians and assembly workers has got a comprehensive experience of many years.

We are well capable of working for you all around the word.

Workshop and paint shop

In our own workshop and paint shop at our headquarter in Hamburg, we are able to do repair works, paint jobs and preparations of coaster assemblies.

Our scope of equipment

  • Mobile cranes Liebherr 80 to., 50 to., 30 to., and 20 to.
  • Truck loading crane 450 HIAB , Ladekran 270 HIAB
  • Various trucks, flatbed trailers, and 40 ft. trailers
  • Various lifting platforms (road and all-terrain) up to 26m
  • 4 to. Telescopic forklift
  • Sand filling equipment

Our transportable workshops

We have three complete transportable workshops, allowing us to provite onsite all necessary equipment, office spaces, kitchen, storage facilities and workshops.

Within Europe we will be using our own flatbed trailers for the transportation of the containers.

  • Various on-site accommodation containers/trailers
  • On-site kitchen container
  • Various on-site office containers
  • Various workshop containers
  • Various on-site storage containers and tents
  • Power aggregates up to 50 KvA