Assembly and Disassembly of Amusement Attractions

Assembly and Disassembly of Amusement Attractions

Please contact us at any time regarding the installation or relocation of amusement attractions.

Since 1999, the owner and founder Max Eberhard, an eighth generation showman born in 1975, has dealt with the installation and relocation of amusement attractions in amusement parks. At the time when various manufacturers discontinued their installation
services, he began to provide customers with all required installation works from a single source.

Today, Ride Construction Service Worldwide is the international market leader for the installation and relocation of amusement attractions. The company receives its orders from both the manufacturers and the amusement parks themselves. For some years already, this meant the installation of the entire portfolio of attractions.

Ride Construction Service Worldwide relies on a multitude of highly motivated and experienced employees, who are well educated and also technically very well equipped for their work. In the acquisition and project coordination, Max Eberhard has been working with Christoph Seidl of procontrain for already 12 years. Both gentlemen are always available for you at any time.

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Max Eberhard
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Christoph Seidl

Acquisition & Project Coordination

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